Shared Storage File Transfer

Copy a file from a source to a target (where both the source and target can be Cloud-based or on-premises) using shared storage.

Pattern Definition

ProblemHow do I transfer a data file from an on-premises source to a cloud-based target (or vise versa) with minimal infrastructure?
ContextThis pattern is applicable when there is a desire to transfer files from Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to on premises, on premises to Cloud, or on premises to on premises. The Cloud-based source or target may be SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS.
  • Need to handle file transfer on premises to on premises as well as on premises to Cloud.
  • There is shared storage accessible to both source and target systems.
  • Desire for minimal infrastructure to support file transfers
SolutionThis pattern employs shared storage to facilitate file transfers between source and target systems. This is a minimalist approach to file transfers. 
  • No Data Integration Platform to configure and manage.
  • Limited to source and target systems that can export/import files in the same format.
  • No management of file transfers.